What Courses do you offer on Google AdWords?

Google AdWords Training Programs

AdWords Boot Camp is a 5-week intensive training, a thorough preparation for competing on both Google Search and Display Network; it’s our premiere hands-on AdWords training. You’ll discover how to cut the cost of every click, get higher Quality Scores, write ads that get clicked on like crazy, and move from losing money to making money on AdWords. This course will take you all the way from rank beginner to being in the top 2-5% of all AdWords advertisers:

Display Network Boot Camp is a 4-week deep dive into just the Display Network, unlocking its secrets and exploring its capabilities, from basic to advanced. We’ll introduce you to Google’s fabled “Jet Stream” where the 800-Pound Gorilla of the Internet sends you as much traffic as it knows how. This course will put you in the top 2-5% of Display Network advertisers:

Personal AdWords Coaching “Bobsled Run” is a once per year (“Fall semester”) 12-week intensive. It begins with AdWords but focuses on your entire sales funnel – everything that happens after the first click, to turn that one-time event into a long-term relationship. Bobsled Run students experience huge gains, often 50-200% business growth over 12 weeks as we enhance lead generation, sales pages, follow up sequences, upsells and cross-sells. You can register for the Notification List:

The Swiss Army Knife: If you love words, this course will empower you to write KILLER ads and generate endless streams of creativity. No matter what control you have in place, the Swiss Army Knife will help you beat it.

AdWords Copywriting Express: Look over my shoulder as I work live, without a net, writing and re-writing Google ads for coaching students on a live webinar. Affordable and fast:

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