Basic Tools to Start Your Business

We're unable to advise you in starting your business, but here are some general tips:


Tools you'll need to get started:
A domain name
A website with web pages
An email broadcast/autoresponder service
A shopping cart service
A product to sell
A Google AdWords account


We recommend...

  • Register your domain name at
  • Create your site with an online content management platform like WordPress.
  • An excellent email system is AWeber.
  • If you're just getting started, do not futz around with installing payment software on your server, etc. Go to a third party like 1ShoppingCart. If you're a more mature marketer, Infusionsoft is a complete e-commerce platform with customer and email management, autoresponders, and a shopping cart.
  • The product is up to you. You can use your Google ads and your website to learn about any market you want and decide if you want to stay in it.


When your business is up-n-running and you're ready to dig in to marketing, we're here to help. =)

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